Zuckerberg: People can't manage their data well


In an article - https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/20/18233338/facebook-login-blockchain-mark-zuckerberg there is a link to Zuckerberg’s interview with a Harvard Law professor.

He talks how having a decentralised way for app-developers to access user’s data be useful for both the developer and user, “theoretically”. However, he feels in the long run, having no accountable service such as Facebook/Google in such a system is negative. His thoughts:

  1. Who checks if the permission the developer asks for is actually needed?
  • For e.g. when using apps on your phones, the apps ask for permissions, do we know the apps actually need those permissions? Now extend this to all services we use.
  1. If an app runs away with the data, how can it be made accountable? In the Cambridge case, it was possible to hold Facebook accountable. If there is no Facebook, who is accountable?

I wanted thoughts of the TruStory community. As the point he has raised is something to ponder about. Do we really know how to use our data?