Will Trustory replace Google for crypto news else how to reach out to public?


The initiative which Trustory is working is noble but one major doubt in my mind is will Trustory be the place to go to for cryptocurrency news even for layman? Till the time experts challenge a story and vote, the information would already be open elsewhere and would have caused the necessary damage.


This is a great question. Here’s how I think about it:

Even if in the story gets proven false after everyone has read about it, it still has reourcussions for the person/source who made the false claims. For example, if Coindesk makes a claim that “XYZ exchange was hacked” and everyone reads it and now is worried, but then that claim gets proven false a few hours later on TruStory, now everyone becomes aware of the fact that Coindesk is not trustworthy.

The reputational damage for them is non-negligible. Even if all we do is make people accountable for their lies, we’ve done our job.


You’re saying that if TruStory does its job in pointing out false claims, it will have already been too late because the false claims would’ve done their damage in the real world already.

In the beginning, TruStory will be behind news cycles simply retroactively pointing out false claims. But over time, as network effects form, TruStory will eventually catchup being the one that corrects false claims because the TruStory community crowdsources them quicker than news organizations can fact-check.

But even if this doesn’t happen, even if TruStory is not able to report false claims at the same speed as the news organizations we’re pulling claims from, TruStory adds value because it makes news organizations more accountable for the information they put out.

Great question. Great criticism. Keep em coming.


I found “how to reach out to the public part” interesting and here is an idea just for that.

How about a chrome plugin (Or another browser’s) which can check if any of the sentences on a given web page are an exact match (or) an approximate match (or) convey the same (NLP algorithms) with a story on TruStory (If the verdict is already finished, it would benefit the public users browsing the same page, who installed the plugin in the first place, of course)

I’m going a bit far now. Messenger and Twitter TruStory bots which can automatically reply if what a public user asked for already exists as a story on TruStory(Match a user’s question with nearest related stories (or) an exact if it exists) and the verdict is finished. This is assuming an active network and the community is crowd-sourcing quick in a steady state.


We do have plans to build a plug-in. This is not something we’ll have immediately available but is on our future roadmap! :slight_smile:

The bots… yes. I love this idea. Kind of like how Stackoverflow is able to suggest the closest matching questions when you are about to create a new question.


Yep. There are unlimited possibilities with what we could do once the core product became an integral part of people’s daily lives.

Not just extensions of the core product (ie. web browser extension) but extensions of the product’s core functionality-- going beyond validating purely objective information and using that information in other meaningful ways (ie. a veracity score for news publications). The most interesting possibility, personally speaking, is validating subjective information. I haven’t thought about this that intensively but just as there are flavors of objective information (quantitative and qualitative), subjective information has flavors of its own too (bias, opinion, etc.) Imagine if we could validate/debullshitify those too?


Ok, now I’m disappointed that it’s called TruStory and not DeBullShitify.


The question of how the output from TruStory gets disseminated and consumed is however a really crucial one. What are the current product thoughts on this?


Great question! We have thought about this extensively, and is definitely something I agree is very important. While we can’t share our plans publicly yet, I want to acknowledge that you’re correct and we’d be totally open to input from community experts like you as well.


Also here’s another couple angles. Trustory being the repository of truthful information gives it the credibility to maybe branch into things like (bear with me :wink:) every single claim or even crypto transaction carrying a Trustory rating akin to a digicert/bbb/eBayish feedback score. Similar to how Google initially just sought to be an indexed website behemoth, but look at them now.

Imagine Crypto escrow even…
Say I want to sell a diamond to a guy in Arizona. I take it to a local Trustory accredited appraiser. He appraises and stakes his Trustory rating on his work, and then ships it to another appraiser local to the buyer that stakes his rating on verifying the work of the first appraiser, all by smart contract. Finally to the buyer, both appraisers paid and all tracked by blockchain ledger and a series of smart contracts on a Trustory network that just started out wanting to just be accurate with information… Imagine it :blush:

Trust can really be a commodity and a dedication to accurate reporting is the best start.


I just got off the telephone with one of my advisers, and we were talking about how a channel should be built for refugees. i can totally see how TruStory can be useful for them for education because they have so little to trust on where to go and what to learn…

I think it would be totally cool if there were branches, and that particular “group” was one of them :slight_smile:


Almost 3 months in and Trustory is in my daily rotation as a crypto news source. It’s great to see all the evidence behind people’s claims. I’m slowly becoming less reliant on Twitter! :astonished: