Who have been your favorite teachers and why?


This question was inspired by our most recent AMA with Haseeb Qureshi.

Opinion: The greatest teachers have always been able to explain complicated things simply and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Question: Who have been your favorite online teachers and why?

I’ll start with some of my personal favorites

  1. Sal Khan of Khan Academy. His simple youtube videos of him on Microsoft paint were more effective than animated videos that took months of production.
  2. Richard Feynman. People say there’s no subject that’s too complicated to learn. Theoretical physics is an exception. Feynman always made me feel that 1) it was not impossible to learn and 2) even he only learned it by practicing.
  3. Neil Degrasse Tyson. Oozes enthusiasm of his subject. Makes you want to learn what he cares so deeply about.
  4. Eric Lander. He’s the professor I always wish I had.

  1. Preethi Kasireddy (TruStory) - She knows how to explain/translate complicated coding and technology concepts into simple diagrams and words. Plus, she founded TruStory which I deeply appreciate! I feel like I am becoming a better student and writer everyday. She is a true inspiration for women in blockchain + cryptocurrency community!
  2. Quincy Larson (freeCodeCamp) - He is a great teacher who doesn’t take himself seriously and dedicates his life teaching people like me to learn to code all over the world. His Medium articles are 5min. read and jam-packed with useful and inspirational coding info. I found out about Preethi thanks to Quincy. I got my tech job thanks to him!
  3. Andreas Antonopoulos (Mastering Bitcoin) - When I get discouraged due to complicated, technical blockchain readings and videos, I read his books and watch Youtube videos to get encouraged again and learn new things about cryptocurrency.
  4. Ali Spittel (SE at Dev.to) - She tweets about coding concepts that are easy to understand and digest. Below post is my favorite! She explains that linked list’s concepts are similar to Ariana Grande’s song “Thank you, next.” Whenever I listen to this song on the radio, it makes me smile. What a great way to teach! Plus, blockchain is a hashed linked list. https://dev.to/aspittel/thank-u-next-an-introduction-to-linked-lists-4pph
  5. Laura Shin (Unchained & Unconfirmed podcasts) - She brings in guests who are knowledgeable about the crypto space, asks a lot of good questions and if someone makes an outrageous claim, she makes sure to ask investigative questions and ask them to provide evidences.

  1. Ramit Sethi - He talks about personal finance, building a business, writing copy, competence triggers, how to master your inner psychology, be a better conversationalist, live a rich life beyond just money, etc. I’ve been following him for 10 years and have bought many of his courses (although he has plenty of free content). He’s self deprecating, opinionated, politically incorrect (but not obnoxiously so). This is one of my favorite pieces of his
  2. Marie Forleo - she talks about business + living your best life to make your biggest impact. Super relatable, energetic, and you can tell she truly cares about her mission.


1. Kirill and Hadelin: They taught me blockchain (udemy Blockchain A-Z course).

2. Daniel Schiffman (Coding Train) : He is so energetic in his videos that a person can’t get bored (I can watch his tutorials all day, but i just didn’t want to learn p5.js which he uses everywhere), I learnt about building chrome extension, JSON and p5.js (just for voice recognition) from his videos.

3. Corey Schafer (python on youtube) : His tutorials are always to the point and full of good content, he teaches through examples directly and does alot of experiments with the code which forces the viewer to try new things after the video ends.

4. Preethi Kasireddy: She… is really good at explaining stuff, i like to dig deeper and deeper into the concepts while am learning something and when i completed blockchain course i just wanted to learn about how exactly is ethereum working since it wasn’t explained much in the course and then i found " How does Ethereum work, anyway?" on medium and that post has exactly what i was looking for so yeah…she has to be on the list


Stephen Grider - Stephen Grider is my favorite if you like to get started with learning some of the programming languages like JavaScript, front-end React, smart contracts using Solidity, developing with Go etc. He can explain really simple and very methodical in teaching new technologies with good hands-on

Preethi Kasireddy - Preethi’s Medium posts are really good, especially the one of Ethereum and consensus protocol. She can put complex technical stuff in simple language and provides a great source of information on blockchain space.


Naval Ravikant: Combines philosophy (e.g., Marcus Aurelius), Tech, & History/Politics to inform his opinions - I think it’s pretty powerful when you can combine multiple fields each of which requires deep expertise to arrive at a conclusion or hypothesis. His view on how to live life in general is also pretty fascinating and informed by Buddhism.
His blog is the only one I’ve printed out every article and read: www.startupboy.com

Chamath Palihapitiya: No bullshit, say it as it is, approach to investing in and building companies. I believe he understands the real motivations and incentives of people behind the veil most would put up - and he calls them out on it.
Great annual report: http://bit.ly/social-capital-interim-annual-letter-2018

Patrick Collison: In my view, he is in a sense a younger version of Naval. Extremely well read across a broad set of topics and his writing is relatable and educational.
Blog: https://patrickcollison.com/advice

Ray Dalio: Truly one of the greatest minds in finance. His pragmatic approach to life & work (see his book Principles - particularly the first half) and his newer book on the economy (Big Debt Crises) may be the best summaries with detailed data that I’ve seen to date.
Video on How the Economy Works in 30 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHe0bXAIuk0

Second Preethi as others have said - I’ve learned a ton - which has actually influenced some significant actions I’ve taken in life (e.g, learning to code, diving into the technical aspects of crypto).


Adding some of mine here, all non-crypto

Sadhguru - Mystic/Visionary that explains life with clear logic (fav video: Are you drinking water the right way)

Isha Yoga Foundation - Hata yoga run by Sadhguru’s volunteers. Awesome if you want to learn the science behind yoga (How to Surya Kriya/Sun Salutation)

Neville Medhora - Online copywriting courses that improved my business writing to be concise and impactful

Tim Ferris - Honestly, I learn everything from him via his blogs/podcasts. His research is spot on


I watch Sadguru’s videos, via YouTube, on a regular basis. Hiss way of presenting information is insightful and delivered in a simplistic fashion. He also, in my opinion, has a wonderful sense of humor.


interesting! never heard of him but just watched that video. I LOVE it. so fun, cute and engaging.


Not trying to sound like a smart ass, but my favorite teacher is LIFE. When you fail and learn, that is the best teacher you can have.


Kinda lame ;)… but so true.