Where do you get your crypto news from?


This question was inspired by @sijo0703
He gave this link to this amazing resource on fact-checking, which made me think, why isn’t a compilation of the best crypto news sources.

I get 85% of my news from crypto twitter. 10% newsletters and the other 5% I get from podcasts and Medium articles. I suppose I read a lot of crypto publications but I read them indirectly through twitter, email, and podcasts.

Where do yall get your crypto news from?


In the past three months, the majority of crypto news from the following:

  • 60% Articles: Hacker Noon, Medium, Articles Posted on LinkedIn
  • 35% YouTube Channels: Crush Crypto, Decentralized TV, Dapp University
  • 5% Podcasts


Good question as getting information on crypto is also a challenge.
So what I have done is that, I have a bunch of different sources for me to keep myself up to date.

Here are some of them:

There are few more but I think for now this is good enough for you to begin your journey into crypto news :slight_smile:
Have fun! Cheers!