What's your dream vision for crypto in 25 years?


Here is my dream vision for crypto for coming years:

  1. Decoupling geography and politics from finance:
    People in every geography gets access to same currencies and a transparent credit market. Those who are unbanked gets access to same financial infrastructure on chain. People can collaborate with anyone across the globe and can be easily (without excess fees and within time bounds) paid for their work.

  2. Microtransactions:
    People can pay for things as trivial as coffee using their mobile wallets. Apps or devices can transact with other apps and devices directly to provide better service to end users. For example my router should be able to pay my internet service provider for extra bandwidth if I have exploited the bandwidth quota for the month.

  3. Privacy:
    With all the transaction online on public blockchains we also make the users vulnerable to surveillance by state or large organisation who may use that data in a way that users might not like. Privacy technologies like snarks/starks/bulletproofs becomes more user friendly and gets highly adopted. Users also may optionally sell or donate their data for the purpose for analysis but there is no tracking by default.


There should be a wide scale adoption of cryptocurrencies and people should benefit from the successful merging of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, helping people in protecting IP, preserving privacy , data. Vision is , the crypto should not only help average people in maintaining their privacy, sending cross border transactions with less transaction costs, but also to be used as an economic measure by the reserve banks of all the countries to control inflation and other economic problems


Would love to see every mobile phone have blockchain apps built in, i.e. free wallets, exchanges, all loaded and ready to go on mobile phone providers in Africa. There’s 1.2 billion people in Africa with only 44% mobile phone penetration. Only in the last few years have people become used to paying bills via their phones. Imagine what would happen if banking via crypto was available without any barriers simply when you pick up a new phone.


Human Species are driven by curiosity, necessities to explore new possibilities for existing solutions. Crypto offers a range of these new possibilities such as decentralization, transparency, privacy which is a genuine need for today’s centuries-old centralized infrastructure. Especially in emerging countries like India where we are largely dependent on corrupted intermediaries/ third parties to get our work done.

My view or rather strong belief on these decentralized technologies is that it puts users interest first before anything else. If this implemented truly on massive scales it will help to upgrade the infrastructure at a minimum cost where user not only has the independence ( by owning his/her data ) but no longer have to be dependent on intermediaries to get the work done.

This is the true sense of liberating user where his/her interest is always put forward first.


First, may those blocks whatever we call by then take less power, become more efficient. Between now and then, there will be a eco system entirely built and managed by blockchains, where by sheer participation platform takes care of themselves (running, managing, paying for their services) and be paid for people who engage. I am not talking about truStory, I am talking about similar trust, authentication is so important in many other areas of our society. Hope it does or already there!



Dream vision for crypto:

  • Global form of sound money, independent from central bank policies
  • Large scale anonymous transactions, at will, by anyone - especially those who are currently disenfranchised (e.g., women/mothers in many developing world economies)
  • Elimination of seizure and withdrawal limits of money by the government from their citizens (i.e., never a repeat of Cyprus, Greece, etc.)
  • EVERY individual on Earth having access to an address, i.e., a safe, personal, private way to store and transact value
  • A new wave of hardware - i.e., there is no point of having crypto if your hardware devices can be seized and brute forced open. iOS and Android don’t (and probably won’t) allow you to design your own backdoors to present a false screen to these “authorities” - new, customizable hardware is needed
  • The death of the Firm - the Theory of the Firm and how we organize has only been around for ~100 years (e.g., factories). It’s unnatural, limits creativity, and puts individuals in standardized boxes. Decentralized work, immutable reputation, and global scale will allow more individuals to break away from the firm in favor of individual entrepreneurship

Nightmare vision for crypto:

  • Global alternative financial system, monitored and surveilled by governments and used as evidence against individuals and rationale for censorship
  • A nation-state led ban on all independent cryptocurrencies in favor of central bank issued cryptocurrencies, leading to a further consolidation of power
  • A slow and gradual transition to a cryptocurrency based world. Would prefer a sharp and sudden transition at some point in the future that may be more painful in the short term but more equitable in the long term (like 1920-21 in the U.S.)


Most exciting vision is empowering the person who will put efforts rather then accumulation of power by few. Tremendous opportunity for the Developers and focus on value creation rather then contributing to obsolete processes. Removal of middlemen via smart contracts will usher a true digital economy where decentralisation will enable empowerment. True contributors will thrive and middlemen will loose grip on power, money and hence corruption.


My dream vision for crypto is the follows:
*True Interoperability between standard fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, such as being able to pay your bills via crypto.
*dApps become to standard and become truly mobile, ie., not just metamask in the chrome browser.
*Tokenization of everything, where individuals can participate in the world economy and with as little money as possible.
*Be able to reward and incentivize everyone for sharing and disseminating knowledge.


My vision can’t be stated in a definitive manner right now, because a) I agree with most people’s opinions here, b) I would have to cover so much ground, and c) I would have to conduct a crazy amount of research that I don’t have time for right now.

However, what I will say is that the following 3 things are a part of my vision for the future of Cryptoassets/Blockchain:

  1. The intersectionality of Distributed Computing and Circular Economics must/will play a huge/pivotal role in defining a more socio-environmentally sustainable society.

  2. The intersectionality of Distributed Computing and Business Cooperatives must/will play a huge/pivotal role in defining a more socio-economically sustainable society.

  3. The intersectionality of Distributed Computing and Universal Basic Income must/will play a huge/pivotal role in defining a more socio-politically sustainable society.

  4. The intersectionality of Distributed Computing and the other 2 forms of computing - Cognitive and Connected Computing (AI and IoT essentially) must/will play a huge/pivotal role in defining a more socio-technically sustainable society.

  5. The intersectionality of Distributed Computing and Digital Identity must/will play a huge/pivotal role in defining a more sociologically sustainable society.


WOW - i went ahead and read each and every post, and i agree with everything that was said throughout. one of the things that sparked my attention and deserves much more attention is how anyone can participate in this global economy no matter where you were born or under what circumstances. the idea of people bringing value to society, and how they will be paid for the type of value they bring, is something that i LOVE! however, who are the judges and the one’s saying “YES! you provided so much value! I will pay you with 100 tokens now!” ?? i think this is a great way to keep society morally just and create a code of conduct based on values. the reason why i am digging deep into this, is because i have seen A LOT of crazy on the internet, and if i were the “token distributing judge” i’d be pretty harsh with who deserves tokens.
i love crypto and the decentralized environment because IT CAN create and give value to those who never thought it was possible to make a living. believe it or not (my observation), most of those who don’t care that much about money are the one’s who are the kindest and warmest people. they deserve much more.
i’m excited for the years ahead and to see how this will all pan out. i’d like to see how people will get rewarded based on their contribution to society or the global world. i’d like to see programs built into apps where people in the harshest economic climate, can contribute in some way to make money. i’d love to see education change.


Cure all human disease.

  1. I believe crypto can bring a whole new social and economic reorganization, which will have an impact human civilization.
  2. We will see the tokenization will change business funding , any person/AI machines in the world will be able to participate and incentivize.
  3. Gaming and VR will operate on crypto, machines will have its own wallet and exchanging values.


That we go from a world that value cooperation vs competition, from a world that create richness (ownership) vs one that look to make money via rent seeker. Here my manifesto about theInternet of Value, basically a world that is value first.


Airdrop to participants for basic need.


Very interesting responses. Here’s my pipe dream:

  1. Smart contracts replacing paper contracts. I grew up in the Middle East where tampering with contracts and robbing the destitute who couldn’t afford to fight back was a typical Thursday. One shouldn’t have to rely on any entity (the court, governments or corporations) to uphold trust.

  2. Shared economy operations using crypto for microtransactions.

  3. Platforms that consolidate ops of companies with a vertical service (like lending services, app stores, ride sharing) and connect a user to all the options in one place. I’m unsure if this is a good idea tbh, this idea came to my mind from thinking it would be a good way to take away the problem of anti-competitive companies making the rules for the industry and the user being stuck with them because the other services aren’t as good. This would mean companies get commoditized and that seems like a shift most governance entities would oppose.

  4. Friend’s vision that I loved: Hardware devices holding data that personalizes the product experience and runs a zero-hassle node setup participating in the network. Think an Echo device that doesn’t send any personalization data outside the home network if you don’t want it to, but if you choose to, then you place an ask on the value of your data and the marketplace vertical platform enables all the retailers to buy the data if they think the ask is fair. Also thinking that analytics data for IoT devices will be sold this way eventually too.

Anybody have thoughts on what they think a dystopian world running on crypto would be like? Just curious if others have thought about what control measures need to be there and what we definitely don’t want to happen from crypto going mainstream.


Loved this, especially #1. I think it’s critical to augment institutions with software or even replace them altogether if they are severely lacking. Actually looking into playing around with Solidity and smart contracts soonish.

I think the impending corporate takeover of the crypto space keeps me up at night and definitely represents a dystopia in my opinion. Simply having better coordinated, less decentralised corporate versions of the current players in the crypto space would pose a major threat.


Less decentralized corporate versions are inevitable at the start, I think. Haven’t observed how radical shifts are received. I’m guessing evolution is slow in this area as it is with everything else.

I’ve had nightmares of all currencies collapsing and grocery stores trying to sell me their own tokens. Random people peddling person equity investment tokens. Betting on people feels wrong thinking from Adler’s school of thought that working on oneself is a venture gone wrong when one ties it to any external reward.


I think the dream vision is that it unleashes a new wave of productivity, with out sized gains in the developing world.

Fundamentally, so many of the current economic processes we follow (whether in the developed or the developing world) are hampered by the current model of trust in transaction imposed by middlemen centralized structures.

My dream vision isn’t tied to specific use cases - I think we are incredibly early and still haven’t discovered what is truly possible with this technology. Instead, my dream is that the introduction of blockchain into the mainstream allows for a revolution akin to the revolution launched by web 2.0

Once we filter past the edge use cases and the technology builds enough trust with a critical mass of people - similar to how the internet took decades to really launch, I think it will be amazing to see what can come out of it.

What I’m most excited for however is the power of blockchain in transforming communities in the developing work. Once we isolate for effort and skill and remove the component of location - suddenly, we have a real opportunity to build economic development at a global scale. Competition will become completely global and access to skills and work will become universal. More importantly, there will be an equity in work - if you’re a developer in a developing world and you’re as skilled or more so than a developer in Europe for example - there is no reason your going rate for remote work should be lower because of your location.

As a corollary to this - I expect to see adoption to be much faster in the developing world, where there are more gains to be made, than in the developing world. Likely, we will see that in 25 years, the top crypto minds and companies are not going to be in North America and Europe, but rather in Africa, Asia and South America, as the use cases and problems solved are more acute there.


We will have a highly valued, traded, and stable cryptocurrencies and compensate stay-home moms, nannies, teachers, and volunteers accordingly and fairly for the great value that they provide to our future generations and communities. NBA and NFL players will not be the only ones who get paid a ton of money for providing some entertainment. Value exchange will be easier and fairer than now.