What's your dream vision for crypto in 25 years?


I’d love to see a global form of money that doesn’t appreciate or depreciate in value. I just want to store economic wealth safely and without worry. It’s crazy to think that some people invest in gold and metals not as an investment but as a hedge against money itself.

I’d also love to see how the new business model of tokens plays out. In the future, I believe poverty will be solved through cryptonetworks because anyone can participate and earn money just by being a user of the internet.


I had the “aha” moment for Crypto when I realized that the combination of the internet + mobile + digital tokens will an incredible economic phenomenon because internet money allows humans to:

  1. Earn micropayments for their skills, expertise, and knowledge
  2. Use these tokens to get access to services via your mobile phone no matter where you are in the world

This means humans can have complete autonomy over their financial and economic success - rather than being slaves of their local government.

Essentially, I personally think the blockchain revolution offers two fundamental benefits we never had:

  1. Tokenization
  • Micropayments and microtransactions based on production and consumption
  • Earn money for providing your skills, knowledge, and resources
  • Digital currency allows people to trade with anyone else in the world without knowing or trusting the other person
  1. Access
  • Get access to capital no matter where you are in the world with a mobile phone. You are not limited by your local jurisdiction or country.
  • Access to capital = Access to life
  • Our phone will become a digital bank — a bank that is managed by thousands of computers instead of one giant bank sitting there and deciding the rules — and you’ll be able to manage all of your financial transactions through it

With prolific tokenization and increased access, it gives people individual autonomy and independence — where people can be participants of a global economy and earn a living no matter where they live or what situation they were born into. This is really all I care about.


Part of the dream for me is the level of trust it allows you to put in other people. Not having to check bills for counterfeit would be a great UX and productivity upgrade for many brick and mortar categories. Secure chain-powered payments means less resources spent fighting fraud or chasing down cardholders within the current system.

Furthermore, if people want to be more valuable than the robots that will be built in the next 25 years, they will have to get especially creative with how they generate value, which will require free internet-scale access to the tools of entrepreneurship. Along the lines of what Preethi noted, the level of autonomy and equal representation offered by ambitious blockchain projects could empower people all over the planet to become entrepreneurs, in their home town or globally.

 My dream is to see the decentralized progression of crypto and blockchain take the world by storm far sooner than 25 years! 😜 (Caveat: I am no developer and my expanse of knowledge in the processes of engineering blockchain is extremely basic... if that) There are soo many industries, well pretty much every part of society globally, that I see Crypto innovating and reinventing. 

For me, the dream is to see a value based rewards system; where individuals, actors, musicians, small businesses, corporations, and even non-profits are held accountable and rewarded for the value that they add to the world. Incentivizing every person possible to have real impact on the world!

  • To create and share content that adds real value

  • To extend the arm of entrepreneurial knowledge heartset and mindset to the masses

  • To assist everyone with a dream and passion to see a better future unfold.

  • To simply reward and incentivize EVERYONE to share inspiration and knowledge, while decentivizing discrimination and mistreatment of others.

  • To provide TruStory vetted content to the world

    In summery, we are all on a mission to see a better future unfold and the sooner the better. I believe as technology is increasing at such a rapid pace and will continue to, so must our consciousness. The impact we have on this world when we leave this plane, should be the only thing that truly matters.

    Crypto and blockchain are the largest steps in the right direction. It puts the responsibility, transparency and accountability back into the hands of the majority of this planet, which is right where it belongs in my opinion.

        Thank you all for being the change, it is so inspiring. Someday very soon we will be working in unison to bring value to the world!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


In terms of the potential, global benefits that cryptocurrency may bring, I agree with virtually everything that everyone has said in this thread. However, a few people said that cryptocurrency will give us autonomy–and here is where my opinion differs. Cryptocurrency could certainly provide autonomy from the legacy financial system–particularly banks. And I eagerly await the day that I can tell my bank that I no longer have a need to do business with them. Crypto may also bring a different type of autonomy to those who do not have the luxury of banking services–the enormous population of unbanked. And I eagerly await the day that everyone–globally–has access to basic economic functions.

However, my fear is that we are not creating greater levels of autonomy, but rather I fear that we are simply transfering our dependence from one entity to another. True, we have been completely dependant upon banks in virtually everything that we do. But with crypto, we will be dependent on infrastructure–electricity, internet service providers, cell phones, etc.

So, my dream for crypto in 25 years is that the crypto community continues to strive for autonomy. I have no idea what that might look like (solar powered crypto transmitters?) But, what I do know is that crypto was founded on admirable goals, and my dream is that we never lose sight of those goals.


It’s hard to give a vision for just crypto, since if it only progresses as a financial service to facilitate microtransactions, eliminate fees & hassle, provide depreciation-free value storage and give access to the unbanked population - then it does not solve global co-ordination toward a more safe, stable human presence and development - but rather follow the current trend of data monopolies, growing inequality, nationalism, decreasing safety & stability.

As RizeWize mentions, a value based reward system incentivizing real value is interesting. If crypto can define “real value” with a system like Trustory, bring that to a crypto-based governance structure which can serve those values and incentivize any actor (individual, corporation, nation) following such values - then that would lead to a safe development for the future of humanity.



Check out Burniske’s and Monegro’s thesis that everything in technology becomes commoditized.

I think in shifting our dependency to different platforms we’re also reducing our dependency on them. We used to be entirely reliant on a handful on news channels but Facebook decentralized media by giving everyone a media channel. But even they’re too centralized. So the crypto analog to Facebook will not be as centralized. But in the future beyond that, what disrupts the “crypto Facebook,” will decentralize what they even have too much control over.

Naval mentions in this video- that everything will become a grid that no one owns. The internet, wifi, energy, etc.


I hope that crypto can help people with access to capital and through that, access to a better life. This would mean more people who can be part of the society and fewer people being underbanked.

In countries where the banking system works just fine, many people don’t get crypto at all. There’s no use for it, at least yet and that’s ok. But at the same time, there’s still a great number of people in this world even without a bank account.

Also, the incentive structures of “too big to fail’s” aka some banks are really wrong, which is scary and makes me worry a lot. I hope crypto could help.



My vision for cryptocurrencies is that it would bring accountability for money. We’ve seen individuals, banks, and even governments getting away with terrible economic policies. Every individual’s contribution towards the society should be valued. In the current economy, an individual’s remuneration is susceptible to change after they’ve received it. In the extreme case of Venezuela, a series of bad decisions by the government has rendered everyone’s lifetime savings irrelevant.

You save up your whole life, and that money can’t get you a loaf of bread because of someone else’s mistake?

I’ve seen, and experienced bad decisions affect individuals and its frustrating that there is no accountability in any of it. I’m hopeful that things would change with Crypto. I believe, for the first time, individuals now have an option to jump ship when things don’t go well.


Banking the unbanked; providing a means for bottom-up grassroots movements (as opposed to top-down control); debilitating corrupt governments by removing their control on citizens’ currency; competition to banks; positive change for the world that I can’t even conceive yet.


Continuing on the themes of many of the existing posts I would like to see Crypto and Blockchain
be a driving force for the improvement and increased trust in our communities and society overall.
There has been talk of universal basic income recently due to the advancement of AI, Robotics, and Automation leading to mass unemployment. Tokenization of community, societal, and charity based projects would allow affected people to continue to earn and support themselves and their families as well as given the added benefits of community inclusivity and improved relations for all those involved. On a wider scale this idea could develop further and provide countries and governments a chance to re-think how credits and cuts are distributed amongst the population with participants earning tokens for their contributions to society providing greater incentive for all to be involved.


Yeah, that’s exactly what crypto & blockchain is about.
Let’s zoom out a bit and let’s see where we are today. In 2013 they called it drug money. In 2017 they called it a bubble. It’s not in a bubble, we’re on the final part of digitizing the world.

Right now there’s approximately 70 trillion $ in money, another 80 trillion $ in equities, and well over 200 trillion $ in real estate. We’re currently busy working and digitizing all these assets.

In today’s world a lot of these assets are just not accessible for a lot of people. Two billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via a mobile phone, or any other device. Try to buy a financial asset without a bank account?! Good luck!
With blockchain, we’re now opening up the world to these 2 billion people and we give them the chance to live an independent life. They can work, get paid in crypto, buy assets,… .

Blockchain is about giving freedom back to the people.


My dream vision for crypto is mainly structured in two ways

Monetizing the Internet , Noone thought how Internet will have change our lives and disrupts our jobs. Journalists, teachers and even engineers are seeing how their jobs are changing, new skills enter in the game and a global network of knowledge is accessible for everyone. This is a challenge and also an opportunity to be part of the global world and monetize this new activity happening on Internet, maybe not only big corporations can be part of this, and we can create what is said as Internet of money.

Also for me what is trully exciting is when this new economic services can be extended to everyone. Banking the unbanked they say. This is when I think that the future is not as bad as they have always said and there is a light for freedom I hope we could achieve. People that owe a mobile and does not have a banking account will be able to pay and be paid for something without needing to exchange fiat. That’s awesome and empowers the world.


I agree that tokenization will enable people to earn like ever before. Currently, the internet has allowed for an influx of remote workers who leverage their digital skills to work from around the world. Even now, there are still large barriers to entry as to whom can earn these skills and get paid. With tokenization, i envision people getting paid in developing countries for turning in recyclables and other very necessary things that previously cash payment wouldn’t enable truthful earnings.

One thing that I sometimes have thoughts about is how higher education can be disrupted by tokenization. Currently, there are a few digital platform that enable “instructors” to get paid directly by those who are learning (BitDegree & Tutellus to name a few), but these are strictly digital options. I see in 25 years that we can have a hybrid between digital and in-person where students are paid for their digital learning efforts and in return, can scan in with their digital identity and pay the professor teaching the course directly. The education sector is one of the least talked about when discussing blockchain, but I think there can be tremendous opportunity there. At the end of the day, it is about autonomy.


Still thinking about this but:

Something that breaks the tyranny of the majority. That is, allows groups that may not be represented in most peoples ideas of a “we” or as included in a universal definition of people are able to have a voice that is going to be heard in spite of any cultural or economic conflict. Local groups can create value for themselves without being dependent on playing on the terms of oppressors.

Removes the constraints on collaboration/support between people. If people need value to allow them to become less bound to certain limitations, we can seamlessly support one another so that no one’s needs are ever ignored.


My crypto vision is a futuristic digital world where value is created and captured by individuals and smaller groups of people. There will be more financial self-autonomy and self-execution power for individuals. For example:

  • Send money oversea without going through intermediary banks
  • Structure financial derivatives through the use of smart contract, without having an investment bank charging high fees.

A long term ambitious vision is that traditional platform businesses can also be disrupted. Algorithms embedded on a blockchain protocol, where traditional business operational processes can be programmed and automated, can create a wishful future where centralized entities do not possess as much data and power to control business processes.

  • Amazon can be disrupted by a peer-to-peer decentralized e-commerce platform without a centralized platform to extract hefty transaction commission and advertising fee.
  • Sharing economy like the Uber platform or the Airbnb platform that charges commission fee on its users.

The value that was traditionally captured by leading technological firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, will thereby be reallocated via the medium of cryptocurrencies. As a result, every individual, through owning crypto tokens, will have access to value that is traditionally held by centralized parties.


My dream vision for crypto is that governments become transparent. Every penny spent by a government should be traceable. Governments should be accountable for all the expenses. This will prevent the arrival of a dystopian future.


I’d like to see crypto help serve those who are underprivileged. It’s unfair knowing that:

  • People are unbanked because they are unable to maintain a minimum balance in a checking account
  • Background credit checks per individual cost money (like when applying for housing)
  • Credit scoring systems are inefficient and are subject to a few companies that decide what one’s credit score is

While it seems crypto can help alleviate these issues for those who live paycheck to paycheck, its products will be inclusive to everyone regardless of background.


I love the idea of decentralization, transparency, privacy and all the things crypto offers. All these things offered by crypto represents the true internet, what it should have been in the first place and not the monopoly it has become.

Crypto along with its parent idea blockchain have a tendency to replace so many existing systems to enable a truly transparent ecosystem owned by everyone, at the same time providing security, privacy, anonymity which is user’s basic right.

Take this example:
In India, it is very lengthy to get covered by medical insurance. The amount of time it takes in validating hospital’s credibility and treatment can be seriously significant. What if, there is a single source of records which everyone has a right to check and is validated inherently and the amount is paid in crypto, it would significantly reduce the time it takes for validation by insurance providers. Because blockchain has already validated all the transactions.

This is just an example which came on top off my mind. It might be missing details and has flaws, but the impact, if properly designed and implemented, can be game-changing.

In 25 years, If we come with more such ideas and are able to implement them, with coming advancements in technology, with chips getting smaller and smaller, with speed and power coming in end user’s hands, it is possible to truly make internet owned by everyone. User will own his/her data. Now is the time to start with this, than ever.


Crypto powered solutions should be able to empower decentralized people to contribute on solving any given problem with great incentive mechanism. It should revolutionize the distribution of wealth and knowledge. Distributed and decentralized applications should democratize education and health care systems, so that education and health should be available to everyone at very low cost. I hope crypto really flatten the world at both economics and culturally.