What's the difference between Civil or blockchain-based journalism/content platforms and TruStory?


Many people think that Civil and TruStory are attacking the same problem. They’re not wrong in their assumptions but there’s a nuance that I want to clarify. Although both applications revolve around information, they look at them very differently. Many projects such as Civil are attacking the problem of content monetization- how to properly compensate writers and artists, etc. TruStory is not attacking that problem. We’re attacking the validity of information or trying to automate “fact-checking.” These aren’t competing problems but rather orthogonal. The type of information you would monetize would be subjective. The type of information you validate is objective. They can work in unison and I hope both succeed.


Both are places to discover content. The core difference is:

Civil / Po.et - content ownership and monetization


TruStory - content validation


Civil and TruStory are actually complementary. They tackle two different problems in journalism.
Civil: What to cover?
TruStory: Is the story true?

Civil - Since online journalism has become a competition of grabbing eye-balls for ads, some pressing issues don’t get as much coverage as “sensational” news. Civil is trying to solve that by changing the incentive structure of journalists.

TruStory - There is so much fake news available in the world that people have started to doubt even the news that is true. Hence, TruStory handles the problem of the veracity of the news.

Hope this clears this up!