What would motivate someone to use TruStory?


TruStory is a social network for experts to identify what’s true and what’s not. It’s a social network based around knowledge. So people who are motivated by that knowledge in some form would be motivated to use Trustory.

Because TruStory is focusing on cryptocurrency first, people who are motivated by cryptocurrency-related information, would be motivated to use TruStory.

Let me give some examples.

People who are really obsessed with crypto (developer working on a project, investor, crypto journalist, etc), will have an incentive to correct false information about it. There’s a bunch of sub-motivations here.

  • a developer working on a project might use TruStory to clarify a common misconception on the project
  • an investor looking at crypto might use TruStory to do due-diligence on a project

People who aren’t fully immersed into a filed (students, industry outsiders, software engineers looking to break into crypto, etc), will have an incentive to seek out and analyze knowledge on the platform.

What are your motivations for using TruStory?


Crypto is not immune to fake news especially scams and we have seen that over the last year of ICO frenzy. In the midst of this madness, a crowd sourced fact checking solution that TruStory is building will be sought after by many if implemented well. What motivates me for using TruStory?

  1. Source of reliable news and information on projects that excite me - There are too many resources for crypto news and it would be great to have a single source of verifiable news
  2. Being able to follow topics that I am interested in and have meaningful conversations with fellow enthusiasts (for example this thread :slight_smile:)
  3. Analyze the voting on different topics and try to extract insights as to the consensus of the community. It will be interesting to see if people vote based on popular beliefs or truths
  4. As a member of the experts program, I see value in terms of self learning, building a reputation in the crypto community and contributing to a meaningful project

One big concern is how the crypto economics will play out and incentivize users to vote. The question of gaming the system is still open but since you have already mentioned in your blog that there will be further details on that front I will wait.


I got curious about TruStory when I heard about its philosophy. Digging in a bit, I understand how it’s taking a different approach to give verified content to its user. I believe that once we get a critical mass of good content related to crypto, there will be a large number of people who will check out TruStory because they’re curious. Building this base of a good community, with a good reputation and useful insights will definitely motivate more people to start using TruStory.


Can someone give two three example of the how this works? would love to see some flowchart type diagram to understand what layers are there, input and output, who are the actors etc. I buy the theoretical aspect of the approach, but for different news, media files, number stories verification means different things. is TruStory solving one of those or all of those and how?


Using TruStory can be an exercise in critical thinking, public speaking and succinct writing.


i joined TruStory just like the majority of you did. I want to find a community that can educate me on crypto (i’m a novice) as well make meaningful friendships. i’m sick of carrying that extra weight of having meaningless/negative friendships that don’t bring out any good in me, other than bitterness. it’s awesome how this platform can you teach you so much, as well as find like minded individuals who are all searching for the same thing (whatever that may be).

for the week that i have been on here, i can tell how passionate a lot of you are, and it makes me that much more excited! this is such a great platform to get the latest news and find out varying opinions regarding “hot topics”.
i’m very glad and thankful to find this community! :slight_smile:


There is too much noise in the cryptosphere so we really need a collaborative effort to help with the curation in our industry, my motivations to help with the adoption and usage of TruStory include:

  • Analyze claims on my topics of interest in crypto and get incentives for the research I would have done anyway.
  • Meet like-minded curators who will become additional sources of information (and opinion for claims which can not bet fact-check in TruStory) in the industry.
  • Build news aggregators on specialized topics based on the verifiable knowledge available on the platform.


As interest is one of the main aspect to acquire motivation irrespective of the field and position Trustory being related to crypto, the one’s interested in crypto will be joining Trustory . As for example, myself being a novice in crypto but enthusiatic about it.

Trustory is a social platform providing mechanism for people to check whether an information is true or not, experts will be willing to join to make correction wherever necessary and for sharing knowledge.

Trustory being served as a source of verifiable information on crypto will be a good aspect of motivation for someone to use Trustory irrespective of his position in crypto field.


I am new to the world of crypto and I don’t have a technical background. From what I understand about cryptocurrency, we can expect a multitude of groundbreaking innovation. Unfortunately, I feel that I understand maybe 30-40% of the articles I read about the crypto world. Now, I know that if I hang in there and persevere, I will start to understand more and more and be better able to distinguish between what is plausible and what is little more than hype. The latter is paramount, because I might be new to crypto, but I can already tell there is a lot of buzz and chatter in this sphere. A source like TruStory would be extremely useful helping me make the distinction between actual news and what is pure speculation.


I am a very beginner in crypto field, I have no background for that field
(electrical engineering in Vietnam, one of the lowest developing country in the world), even if I was just understanding based on my level of what Bitcoin can do to contributing even changing the world, I was surely falling to the rabbit hole. On this road, I met Preethi through lot of her articles and then TruStory from her.

Three weeks on TruStory platform I gained crypto knowledge so much. I believe if I continue this journey long enough I will be able to contributing something to the world through TruStory.


Eventually, as a TruStory user, I’d use TruStory if the platform provided me with objectively true information about a wide-variety of topics (especially controversial ones) fairly quickly. Only facts or opinions that are a logical / scientific extension of the facts. Distribution is key for TruStory to be top of mind for users. TruStory should be easily accessible anywhere and everywhere for users to vet the content they consume (ex: Twitter bot ala Thread Reader, bots on other social channels, phone apps that allows users to point their camera to Fox News on the TV and trigger vetting of information immediately, browser plugins, a ‘TruStory verified’ badge that can be tagged to stories etc.)

As a TruStory expert, I’d contribute regularly to TruStory as long as my incentives are aligned with the platforms incentives for experts. For instance, I’d love to see (when formalized) how I can leverage the skills that I learn and the credibility that I gain here to accomplish my goals (be recognized as a crypto SME. Break into the crypto field in a Product Management capacity). I’d also love to see definitions of what it actually means to be an expert on the platform and a path for me to get from current state to the future (expert) state.


I don’t want to get lost- rather be at a place where I can get verified and accurate information about crypto. There is a lot of buzz and many half baked and incorrect ideas/opinions are floating out - i would rather focus on quantity over quality at TruStory.
Plus, I can also learn from others and contribute to the community.

As Preethi mentioned in the other thread - network effect determines the success of an online community. I think every online community is like a city, and the newcomers are like tourists. So to maintain the continual use of TruStory, we need to make sure that the tourists respect and follow the customs of the city and its citizens.


Someone who is fed up with fake news and the quality of journalism going down on newspapers and blogs. Also someone who is curious and interested in tech but not technical enough to understand the crypto space by themselves. Also someone who wants a community to share their ideas and passions and hopefully make some friends.