What types of information is there the most misinformation about?


Obviously, crypto is one and TruStory is initially focused on misinformation in Crypto. But what others topics are rampant with misinformation?

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Nutrition & Diet


Scientific topics that have become politicized.
Things that you need an expert on and a lobbyist for.

  • Climate science
  • Vaccinations
  • Gun control
  • Drugs such as Marijuana and Psilocybin
  • GMOs
  • Eugenics
  • SexEd

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Stocks and financial schemes and pyramid type scams.


fascinating. Never thought of this one. Example?


Electric vehicles, Tesla, Elon Musk, Renewable energy.


I think generally people don’t know how taxes work, whether it’s income, property, or sales. This becomes obvious every time a new tax bill is proposed or approved.

Law firms are aggressively hiring to close that gap, “[The Trump tax cuts] created just a whole lot of new complexity and it’s given us mountains of new guidance to figure out and to deal with.”


legal complexities for normal people but issues that well-defined and solved by lawyers is definitely another source of claims.

speeding tickets :slight_smile:

  • Conspiracy theories
  • Effects of {insert x} on brain
  • Positive vs Negative Effects of Marijuana, Alcohol, Cigaratte
  • Health and risk for specific diseases
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  • Nutrition, Effective methods for weight loss etc

We don’t actually know, like people talk
about things like is wine good for you? We have no idea. We don’t even know if broccoli is good for you. (https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/SED309-Auren-Hoffman.pdf)

  • Clickbait-y misleading headlines on politics, celebrities and more especially in website ads, twitter or even youtube etc
  • Corruption
  • Specific information about countries that own their media and news outlets (Countries that censor specific information going out and a claim made on one such info)
  • May be some of the history facts :slight_smile:


Completely agree here. Just try googling tax treatment of crypto assets and you’ll get all sorts of misinformation. Fiat taxes are no different – especially in the US. There are people who specialize in SALT (State and Local Taxes) because every state/city/county/jurisdiction can tax differently.

  • Vaccines
  • Global Warming
  • Risks/Benefits of certain foods
  • Public Education
  • Politics
  • Parenting methodologies
  • Travel safety
  • Celebrities


Oh nice Parenting is a great one. Can imagine some heated debates on those claims. A couple of more:

  • Immigration
  • Privacy

  • Evolution
  • Human biology
  • Child psychology
  • Censorship
  • Investing
  • The shape of the Earth :rofl:


Immigration :+1: That’s a really good one.


I’d be fascinated to see claims about this. Example?


What about immigrantion is there misinformation on? @bhaumik


Currently there is a lot of incorrect ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’ being used about immigrants and immigration to try and negotiate a certain wall. I could have posted a few dozen links to different articles referencing this.

There is a lot of misinformation about the refugee and immigration process. People claim (all over social media) that ‘illegal immigrants’ just have to sneak into the country and then they are handed everything they ever need. Immigration policy is extremely complicated and the process can be excruciating, confusing and dangerous. People trying to flee other countries often get taken advantage of by those smuggling them in and they are risking their lives doing so. Those who advocate closed borders spread and believe a lot of misinformation about immigration.

The US Department of State spends a lot of time planning for annual refugees and creating programs to help people who are displaced. Unfortunately people don’t understand that and think that refugees are forcing themselves upon this country in droves, without a plan in place. Yes, there are illegal immigrants, but there are many legal immigrants as well. The State Department states that approximately 40 million foreign-born persons live in the country.

I’ll stop now because this issue gets me wound up.


I’ll pull out some specific ones later this week. I probably should have written 'Parenting" instead of child psychology. I added it to the list of topics because before and after my son was born I read a pile of books looking for expert advice on the best way to raise him. There’s some useful things, but a lot of the books, themes, and ideas, contradict each other. Most of the big picture general advice is sound and makes sense, but specifics are often off because each child has a distant temperament. It’s made more complicated by the their rapid development so that advice that works at 18 months doesn’t work at 24 etc.

Ha, something like this, – just popped up in my twitter feed:


Thanks for explaining. I can totally support this category of claims. I’m sure others would find it a helpful resource too.


Political candidate: Specific claims about a candidates background or actions.