What types of information does Trustory work well for?


There’s 2 types of information- subjective and objective. Subjective information, Trustory won’t work for. Within objective, there’s 2 categories- quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative objective data such as (ballots, weather, etc) is already easily validatable by computers. Qualitative, objective information is where Trustory really shines because qualitative, objective information is hard to validate. It’s hard to validate because it takes a lot of human judgement, and very rarely does one human being put in the effort and time to do that. Getting a lot of people’s opinion (with money tied to it) dramatically reduces the effort and increases the accuracy of confirming something to be not true.

Personally, I don’t care about what is true as much as I care about what is false. I read from credible sources and follow people online who’ve displayed some sort of intellectual honesty so I’m already getting true information. That being said, some false information does slip in either from pop news or through conversation. What I want desperately from Trustory is to find out which information that I thought was true but is actually false. Specifically, I want clarity over crypto regulation. News of a country banning crypto can plunge the market so I just want to be sure that those.


The primary problem a project like Trustory will face is that of partisanship, tribalism, echo chambers and confirmation bias. Even matters that should be facts often can be presented from multiple opposing angles. Evidence supporting the opposing version is often discarded as being false or manipulated. The lack of definitive, authoritative, unbiased and reliable sources of information -especially in the crypto space- makes this particularly difficult to overcome. Determining the validity of a claim based on the number of people voting for it does not particularly help in these situations, seeing as the end outcome is merely a reflection of the popularity of each version and the forcefulness of the respective advocates in supporting their version.
Popularity <> Truth.

Situations in which Trustory would work are those where the truth isn’t immediately apparent, but where there is in fact an actual, identifiable and irrefutable underlying truth. If a project like Trustory can trigger action to uncover this underlying truth, e.g. through amateur investigative journalism or through demanding transparency from organisations, then a situation can be reached where there can be no further reasonable discussion about different versions and true stories can be determined.


IMO TrueStory works better with factual information that is either false on a objective basis (Vitalik said something but there is no source) or misleading (Vitalik said something but the context is not explained or distorted on purpose).

I think of TrueStory as the perfect way to wipe out Fakenews or Clickbait media, particularly toxic in Crypto. Twitter is great but can be improved a lot with this kind of community based effort.