What’s the best analogy to describe Trustory?


TruStory: onboarding for critical thinking.


TruStory: Crowdsourcing the truth, with skin in the game.


The first page of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century made me think of TruStory. The TruStory study session got me thinking that it is the new Medium (place to share knowledge/gain reputation), a fun Reddit/News (gamified), and Cred is like video game or chess Elo


@ isTruStory is gamified critical thinking. It means having a deeper purpose than just “reading the news” - Practically it means you might consume less news, but you’ll learn+retain a lot more


TruStory: taking discourse up a notch

I grabbed this directly from the amazing summary the TruStory team put together on the first three enthusiasts promoted to Contributors

Not an analogy per se, but from a marketing perspective, I think this gives a very high level summary (for non crypto experts) of one of the community’s core differentiators and benefits: We’re all here because we value the crypto space, yes, but we’re also becoming better communicators and critical thinkers in the process. This can help us in all aspects of our lives.


Best analogy to describe TruStory

According to Hugo Nguyen “Very few things are as intellectually stimulating as Bitcoin. Grokking Bitcoin means going down the rabbit hole that is finance, money, history, economics, computer science and biology. It means retracing the footsteps of giants such as Cardano, Pascal, Turing, Plato & Aristotle, Locke, Hume, Adam Smith, Nash, Kahneman & Tversky, Darwin, John Maynard Smith, Dawkins, Diffie, Hellman & Merkle, Szabo, to name a few. It means asking fundamental questions about the nature of the world we live in — much of which we often take for granted. Bitcoin sends you on an exhilarating and never-ending quest for truth.”

This is why we need a supportive community like TruStory because I think one person cannot digest all of the vast knowledge about crypto in time. We need to support and challenge each other to achieve the ultimate truth as a whole and protect ourselves objectively and fairly from haters and scammers. Like Naval said “Ignore people playing status games. They gain status by attacking people playing wealth creation games.” https://twitter.com/naval/status/1002103360646823936

If Capitalism and Socialism had a baby, it would be something like TruStory.


An open distributed analogy to a closed court hearing.

The case: Opinion/Statement in question.
The Lawyers: Experts presenting evidences for or against the case.
The jury: The trustory network decides whether the case is true or false(to what extent) based on experience(reputation), substantiated arguments(weightage).

This system allows the jury to listen to both sides of the argument, analyze the information available and then judge the credibility before directly consuming the information.


TruStory: Twitter for non-fiction
Twitter: TruStory for creative writing


scientific peer review applied to non-science topics but discussed in a scientific way


politics without the hidden incentives and with the scientific reasoning


bs detector
counter-intuitive facts aggregator
myth buster for controversies


github for trust - you can see others contributions and benefit from their knowledge