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Welcome to TruStory. We’re building a social network to fact-check claims that people make on the internet. We’re doing this by crowdsourcing the knowledge of experts, or people who are well-versed with that information. We’re first tackling misinformation in the cryptocurrency industry.

The internet has lots of misinformation. Algorithms and computers can’t detect what’s true and what’s not because it requires human judgment. Fact-checkers do exist but they rely on a closed and select group of people deciding, and this is problematic because no one person or group of people can be trusted to make such a decision. What we’re doing is building a social network where experts of various topics can decide together, with tokens and reputation on the line.


TruStory is NOT the arbiter of truth. Our mission is to provide an impartial platform where we bring both sides of the argument to the table, present that in a fair and balanced manner, and let the community decide (with skin in the game) on the merits of the arguments.

How TruStory works

TruStory will be a mobile and desktop app (launching soon). You can think of it as Twitter with tokens. Except on TruStory, people don’t post tweets. They post stories, or claims people make on the internet, such as:

These are objective, falsifiable pieces of information that can be confirmed or rejected. The community can inspect any claim and back it (because they think it’s true) or challenge it (because they think it’s false) while providing a strong argument and evidence for why they are backing or challenging it. If a certain challenge threshold is met, then the story enters a voting period where the broader community can participate in determining the validity of the claim. Those who are wrong lose their stakes, while those who are right earn reputation.

Values & Guidelines

Our values and guidelines is a good place to start. We strictly abide by these guidelines and have zero tolerance for people who do not follow them.

Community expectations

We take a lot of pride in our community. They are a small and passionate group of thinkers who are dedicated to our mission and have spent hours contributing to it. In return, they get access to a world-class crypto knowledge base and a like-minded peer network.

Our leaderboard keeps track of our community member’s contributions. It accounts for

  • Number of “TruStories of the week” on Discourse (claim finding and analysis)
  • Number of other posts on Discourse (sharing your knowledge on various crypto topics)
  • Number of likes received (quality of your posts)

As community members rise on the leaderboard, they get promoted to higher levels and get exclusive perks.

  • Level 1: Enthusiast (everyone starts here)
    Access to our private Slack channel where daily discussions and learning happens

  • Level 2: Contributor
    Genesis token holder (Invite-only)
    Beta user of the TruStory app (Invite-only)
    Lead and contribute to the community building efforts
    Help and mentorship in finding opportunities in the crypto space
    Current TruStory Contributors: @bhaumik, @paulapivat, @sijo0703, @HelloRena, @jtierney, @manasi, @Edwin

  • Level 3: Expert
    Opportunities to join the TruStory team
    Contribute to TruStory product roadmap
    Connections with crypto industry leaders

If you’re interested in joining us, you can apply here. Well, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead, and apply!

Learn with us

Crypto is a messy place. There are mountains of information, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to even start. We’ve created some resources to help you dive into this space with more ease:

Stay curious,

Your fellow TruStorian