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Social networks today incentivize outrage, echo chambers, and fragmented conversation. Traditional media promotes clickbait and hot takes.

We’re changing that by rewarding open-mindedness, transparency and humility.

TruStory is a social network where your reputation is entirely based on the strength of your arguments.

Our mission is to empower communities through productive debate.

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We take a lot of pride in our community. They are a small and passionate group of thinkers who are dedicated to our mission and have spent hours contributing to it. In return, they get access to a world-class crypto knowledge base and a like-minded peer network.

The first step in joining us is to carefully read through our values and guidelines. We strictly abide by these guidelines and have zero tolerance for people who do not follow them.

If you agree to those values, you should apply to become a TruStory contributor. Together, we’ll shape the product vision, refine our critical thinking skills, and earn Cred from high-quality arguments.

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