Truth and Accuracy in Publishing Rights


I feel there’s a great similarity between what you are doing here and what the Musical Rights databases are doing.

Am I totally off base or is this something you concur with?


I’m not sure what you mean but that could also be because I’m not familiar with musical rights databases. Could you give a little background about publishing rights, and the problems they present?



From what I’ve heard, companies like dotblockchainmedia are attempting to use the state log nature to resolve who is the copyright owner, or who is due royalties for a song. On a song by song basis.

So the analogy I was trying to path, and I could be wrong, is that at TruStory you are using the state log nature to resolve accuracy, or who is truthful for an article or published work.

Right? That differences or points of contention are the point of resolution through the power of the Blockchain.

Perhaps I’m being overly simplistic or overly focused. This could be happening across many other verticals.


ah, I see what you mean. Although, it’s not entirely accurate. TruStory isn’t an article attribution service. It’s aim to determine whether claims made inside articles and online other mediums is true or not.


Yes, yes. I know that.

I’m just saying the arbitration of truth. Whether a claim in an article, or a claim for Royalty just due is being resolved.

But as I type this, I think I’m just saying something obvious given the nature of a state log.

Anyway, you guys rock!