Responses to the Community Onboarding study session stream


During the stream, someone expressed concerns about posting a claim that that may be obvious or uninteresting to others. I share this concern so it was good to hear that I’m not alone in this regard. Preethi responded by saying that if you find a claim interesting, it’s likely that someone else will too, and (in a different part of stream) you don’t necessarily need to provide evidence/support for a claim in the app, but rather can post a claim and let other members confirm or reject it. Both of these facts are encouraging.

Thinking about this further, wouldn’t it also be the case that an expert would actually be glad to validate a claim that requires less effort/research on their part? I’m not talking about very obvious claims that I know will be rejected - claims that every member would immediately be able to support or challenge. But rather claims that would be obvious to experts of a category but non-obvious to others. In other words, I shouldn’t be hesitant or self-conscious about posting a claim about mining Monero, (for example) that I fear might be rudimentary, because an expert in Monero mining will be happy to validate/challenge my claim because (being an expert) it’s easy for them, and the token-economics incentivize them to do so. Instead of thinking that I shouldn’t post claims about topics I am not fluent in, I can think of posting claims as providing value to both the experts who can earn tokens by validating them and to other members who may learn from the claim in the future. Am I thinking about this right, or am off somewhere?


100%. You shouldn’t be hesitant or self-concious about posting a claim that is more “rudimentary.” If you find the claim useful/interesting, I can promise you that someone else in the world will too :slight_smile:

So yes, please don’t be intimidated to post less complex claims. There is a market and demand for it, and experts would gladly validate them :slight_smile: