Open source blockchain repositories


What are some beginner friendly github repositories(blockchain based) that traditional software developers(web, mobile, desktop, embedded systems) can already contribute to (or) dive in?

Which authentic projects (that have open-sourced some repositories) are in need of contributions ?




@Srikanth soon enough, we can add TruStory to the list.

In the meantime, we have been working with a few community developers. If that’s something you’re interested in, let me know :slight_smile:


@Srikanth I found a few lists that could be worth digging through:

Also, here is a really cool Twitter account which tweets about Github issues with the label first-timers-only:

Lastly, here’s a cool resource for first-time open source contributors:

Overall, rather than trying to find the best one to contribute to, I’d suggest you get started contributing to ANY of them by tackling a “good first issue” and going from there :slight_smile:


Here is’s blockchain open source project on Github:


Most of these are blockchain related – and you get paid in crypto for completing the issues on GitHub. Happy coding!