Introduce yourself



I didn’t find any thread where people are introducing themselves, so I thought i’ll kickstart this thread!

My name is Mayank Jain (aka firesofmay). I am a software developer. Done lot various things over the last 6 years - tech development, QA, Community management. I am enthusiastic about different blockchain use-cases, asset tokenisation and making real-life changes by implementing blockchain tech. I have worked as a Software Developer at Helpshift, Head of Outreach (India) at, Community Manager at Musiconomi & Currently, I am helping several blockchain startups like Maecenas & Etherisc.

How I found out about TruStory:
I was surfing twitter one day and I found out one blog post from Preethi on “How does Ethereum work anyway?” and I was blown away by the depth of that article. I just looked around and found out that she is actually working on a startup called TruStory. I think back when I checked, there wasn’t any community around it. Just a website and not much info. Later I saw again some tweet from her and I checked the website and found out there is a community now. Been reading about the project and very excited!

Looking forward to hearing from others as well!



Intro :
Hi, I’m Rena Shah. I’m a management consultant for a boutique firm in LA. I specialize in sales, biz dev, customer success, and operations. Prior, I used to work in private equity and as a petroleum engineering living on the rigs offshore! Crypto and blockchain are fascinating to me because 1) it’s efficient but 2) it promotes sustainability. I’m interested in 100% renewable energy powered crypto mining and decentralized banking on mobile phones. It’ll be a game changer for people who cannot have traditional banking means. Currently, I’m advising with Omega Grid, a blockchain energy rewards platform.

How I found out about TruStory :
I was listening to an episode of the Bad Crypto Podcast and they did a quick lightening round on some badass women working on blockchain projects. Preethi was mentioned and naturally, I was curious to look up the project and been hooked since!


Nice to hear your journey Rena. Looking forward to seeing you around in the discussions here.


Hey there,

My name’s Christian, I believe this community has a great chance of pulling off distributed truth claim validation and I’m excited to see it unfold :+1:

I work as a software engineer, which explains why (naturally) I would be interested in blockchain projects, started mining while I was attending university and before it was worth $100 a coin.

Very much looking forward to using the real TruStory product. Haven’t been this excited about a launch since the Nintendo Wii :smiley: