How does TruStory compare to WikiTribune?

  1. Specificity: TruStory is addressing objective claims and knowledge in crypto. WikiTribune is focused on “political, business and economic news”, which could literally mean anything. At TruStory we want to stay away from that type of content. Instead, we want to maniacally focus on a single category of information where we a) know we can build a tight-knit and passionate community of knowledgeable people b) know that having an authentic discussion about claims is important and impactful c) want to build up a database of timeless knowledge.

  2. UX: We’ve been maniacally focused on making TruStory accessible and easy to use. WikiTribune is incredibly hard to navigate and use. In fact, based on the WikiTribune Wikipedia article:

The site opened to the public in October 2017, with a focus on “political, business and economic news, bolstered by weekly in-depth articles”. [11] [12] A year later, WikiTribune laid off its team of reporters and editors. “Despite the best efforts of staff, the overall structure and design didn’t let the community genuinely flourish,” said founder Jimmy Wales. “We didn’t get very much work done.” Volunteers can now publish articles without having them checked by professionals, and the site remains free to access.

Overall, similar model, similar ethos and values, but WikiTribune has the opposite experience we want to provide: broad “news” vs. a specific category of timeless information.


Awesome. It seems UX, community experience and structure are keys to how TruStory could flourish where WikiTribute floundered. Looking forward :slight_smile: