How do you consume your news? (crypto and non-crypto)


I’m curious to learn of everyone’s media consumption preferences and habits.*

From which channels/platforms do you get most of your news?
Which publications and why?
Which outlets are you obsessed with?
What’s your routine/system if you have any?
What content are you willing to pay for?

In 2014, media outlets said the homepage was dead because individuals get their content through channels like email and social media, but I personally believe if we love a particular website enough, we’ll visit the homepage almost every day to make sure we’re not missing anything and eager to consume it as much as possible…and then start following that outlet on all channels.

Regardless, I think it’s an interesting exercise to reflect on where we get our news and also learn how others get theirs.

*As a side note, I completed my graduate project at NYU on email newsletters, which researchers say is the best way to connect with millennials. I’m fascinated by news consumption preferences/habits. I’ll start listing my answers below.


From which channels/platforms do you get most of your news? Email newsletters, Twitter for breaking news and to see what’s trending, Google Alerts for 3-4 topics
Which publications and why?
New York Times: tech profiles and longer form analyses
Quartz: for individual profiles and their Obsessions vertical
Fortune: for news on tech/innovation
Inc: for quick profiles on startup founders and regional startup markets
TechCrunch: for breaking/recent startup and tech news
CoinBase: for crypto news
Singularity University and The Exponential View newsletter: future tech e.g. AI, VR, AR and more
Most of these outlets also have a simple UX—few if any ads pop up on the websites – super important, I don’t care how good a story is, if it slows down my laptop even 2 seconds, I’m gone
Which outlets are you obsessed with? I read everything I can get my hands on from First Round Review - for longform articles on entrepreneurship and building a business, Term Sheet (a newsletter from Fortune) to get caught up on news in the funding space
What’s your routine/system if you have any? I subscribe to maybe 50 newsletters. Aside from First Round and Term Sheet, I usually don’t read/scan them until the weekend. I check in on Twitter 2-3 times per day.
What content are you willing to pay for? I’m a paying subscriber of, Quartz Membership, and Pomp’s Off the Chain newsletter. Not sure if I’ll continue with the latter 2, but I got them during a flash sale.

I listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos sporadically. I’d like to incorporate more audio/video content in 2019.


If you’re in search of more audio/visual content, you may enjoy the YouTube Channel CrushCrypto. I particularly enjoy the videos on their ICO Review playlist. As of this date of this post, they’ve done 91 reviews. Also, the reviews are not sponsored.


From which channels/platforms do you get most of your news?
I’m part of a Slack group for a particular crypto community, in which we collectively share articles from all over.
Which publications and why?
Coindesk, Cointelegraph, NYT, The Economist, Forbes, Diplomatic Courier, Medium. The former are by and large pretty interesting stuff, and usually publish content quickly after events happen. Medium is great because of the depth and breadth of voices.
Which outlets are you obsessed with?
Medium. Reading and synthesizing opinions from a wide variety of voices helps us arrive at the truth.
What’s your routine/system if you have any?
I open the Off-Topic channel in our Slack group every day, read any articles posted there, then read my daily suggestions from Medium, then check the front page of Coindesk.
What content are you willing to pay for?
I don’t pay for any content, and would only be willing to pay for content if it was verified to be factual, was timely, and reasonably unbiased.


Thanks for sharing! Do you subscribe to these publications’ newsletters? And curious if you prefer mobile or laptop. For Medium, do you check in to your homepage and see what they’ve recommended for you?

I understand your reasoning for not paying for content. If I really love a publication’s brand voice/POV and UX, that’s been enough to fork over $. In the future, and as I delve more into claim analysis here on TruStory, I believe it’ll make me rethink my selections.


Thanks for sharing! any recommendations for 1-2 of their videos you’ve found most insightful?


I don’t usually subscribe, mostly because I don’t like how it clogs up my email. I like to make myself search out new things. Especially because I don’t use browsers on my mobile device, only email & messaging. I do subscribe to Medium’s Daily Digest.

My main reason for not paying for content is because I don’t want to be constrained to a single publication. We live in a world where we can curate our own “personal realities”, and never see anything new, or that we disagree with. If I pay for a publication, I’ll feel a need to read it, probably disproportionately compared to other publications, and further separate myself from other perspectives.


You’re welcome. Yes, the following:
ICO Review of The Bee Token: