Crypto experts / Gurus


We have many people talking about crypto and making lot of claims on twitter and else were. But, there is no reason to believe and take what they says as it is . Can we list down here, who we all agree and believe to be the real experts and can be taken for their word as a final authority, and may be list down the reasons to take them as authority. Apart from the standard ones like Nick Szabo, Naval . Also, it would be great if we can categorize them in the area of expertise.
Ex: Saifedean Ammous - is author of book The Bitcoin Standard. - Category: Crypto economics


Who: Preethi Kasireddy
Why: Writes good articles on blockchain fundamentals, previously was an engineer at Coinbase
Category: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Scalability, Cryptoeconomics, Consensus algorithms


Who: Jackson Palmer
Why: Created Dogecoin, and his tweets give me the impression he’s well-intentioned and well-informed
Category: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Scalability


Thanks, can you please add the twitter handle as well.


Who: Teemu Päivinen
Why: It’s hard to pinpoint a singular reason, but Teemu has time after time proven to be right on so many things. He has been in the space for a long time and actually created products (e.g. the first Bitcoin exchange in Finland).
Category: Everything decentralisation