Criticism: Trustory may reflect what people agree on more than what is true


“Trustory may reflect what people agree on more than what is true. Maybe you end up being the way to measure how contrarian your opinions are.”

The way TruStory is designed, what the majority of people who voted on a story think is true becomes the “truth.” So yes, TruStory reflects what people agree on as the truth more than the truth. But we address this glaring flaw in several ways:

  1. by having people who are hyper-passionate about a specific topic rather than affiliated with a country or a tribe or a friend group, use the platform. What they agree upon is going to be based on objectivity and knowledge rather than subjectivity and a personal agenda

  2. Tying the token’s value to the quality of the information curation on the platform. People would be disincentivized to corrupt the system with claims they know are false, if they were well aware that it would cost them. They know it would cost them because of 1).


Exactly the point. The majority is not always truth. Most often times people follow a popular person and agree to them even if that doesn’t make any sense. Being unaffected by bias is impossible in this era. At least for our self, we should be able to differentiate between fact and bias.


I think it’s not only about a majority of actors supporting a view or opposing. In my understanding, Trustory is structured around Truth-seeking by incentivizing the players who contribute facts rather than just opinion and also penalizing the bad actors. In order for the majority to agree on the factual evidence, the experts/contributors should present their view with real facts by doing some sort of research around that area. That is the exact problem we have society face today (information overload) and constant distraction with always connected lifestyle. The majority doesn’t do any research or try to understand the underlying the facts and instead just consume what is presented to them and believe that is true.

I guess, Trustory is a great initiative which will build strong and capable experts with real vertical knowledge on a varied subject.


I don’t see how having hyper-passionate people solves this concern. Surely when searching for the truth you would almost prefer dispassionate, objective people.

The TCR element should definitely be a strong incentivizing mechanism.