Credible sources for token financials


We often find ourselves analysing claims that require us to analyse financial metrics (e.g., exchange volumes, price, correlations). It would be great if the community can share where they get their data from, either for analysis, or cross-referencing. It would be useful if community can share below:

Metric (e.g.,BTC exchange volume):
Period (e.g., 2017-2018)
Source (e.g., CoinMarketCap -


The team behind provide an API to easily pull their data. They have attempted to go further than others I’ve seen in fundamental analysis, trying to come up with the “true” value of the network. An example of this is a metric known as “Realized cap” that measures the value of the network as the sum of coin values at the time they were last traded.

Metric: Realized Cap
Period: 2009-2019


Some of the bitcoin related statistics can be found below -

  1. - has stats such as block details, mining info, network activity, etc
  2. More Bitcoin specific stats websites are list of Jameson Lopp’s website see below screenshot

Hope this helps. Will add other websites as and when I find them.


They have APIs for all research one might need. Do check them out.