Best TruStories of the Week - #3


@jtierney Justin I know that this Vakt thing is interesting and it’s hard to refrain from publishing the whole piece :slight_smile: But due to the length of this piece it seems to contain not one but a few different claims: for example, the fact of the launch, what companies lauched it, what’s the aim of the project, what’s the plan etc.

So if you don’t feel like cutting the story down to one claim (like I did), I guess you can split it into these several claims and check each of them separately.


Yep. That’s what I meant.


Claim: Binance shut down accounts from users in countries on the economic or trade sanction list.


Evidence: Reddit and Binance Terms of Service

On Reddit a user from Cuba (speculated that’s he’s from there) posted he received a message for his account being shut down. Going through Binance’s terms of service, they have added a clause about a prohibition of use from sanctioned countries.

I do wonder if users from the non-sanctioned countries also had their accounts randomly shut down in the last few days.

Status: True


Thanks for this, @yury. I was curious about that when composing it. I wasn’t sure if I should break it up into separate claims or not. So thanks for clarifying it for me and showing an example. I’ll be sure to do this for the next claim. :grin:


This appears to be a true claim for now. But it sounds like most scientists expect that quantum computers will overtake conventional supercomputers in the near future. This is something called “quantum supremacy” in the field of computer science.



Claim part 1: Some exchanges which didn’t set an appropriate gasLimit were affected by a vulnerability involving GasToken contract when they send out Ethereum transactions



In the paper titled ‘failure to set gasLimit appropriately enables abuse’, the authors explain exactly how this vulnerability would force exchanges to burn their Ethereum and could be financially beneficial to the attacker minting GasToken. If there is no gasLimit and since sending ETH to a contract address executes its fallback function, attackers can make exchanges pay for large computations and drain the exchange’s hot wallet or mint GasToken for a potential profit.

Claim part 2: Exchanges were notified of this vulnerability in a private disclosure on Nov 13th and they have patched it since



In their public disclosure, LevelK announced that they had contacted exchanges in a private disclosure prior to this post and revealed the vulnerability. To best of their knowledge, exchanges had fixed the issue.

Status: True


As I was looking for a new story for week 4, I came across the following that does make the claim the crypto winter is here toward the end of the article.:grinning:

Claim: The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies in 2017 and subsequent dip in 2018 harmed wide scale public adoption of cryptocurrency in the long-term.

Status: Currently unknown. While there is quite possibly a depressed interest in cryptocurrency for Joe six-pack, we can only speculate as to what the long-term effects, if any, will be. While the author claims regulators will be more wary of cryptocurrency, government regulators were already wary and have in fact indicated acceptance of cryptocurrencies.



@dpjceochairdisn interesting claim. To be honest, this claim is quite ambiguous because it’s unclear how they define “adoption”. This story would get Flagged on TruStory for being too ambiguous. It can’t be falsified.

If instead the claim made was “harmed the use of cryptocurrency for XYZ purpose”, then that’s measurable and hence falsifiable.


That’s a good point. Thanks!