Best TruStories of the Week - #11


interesting observation. wonder what it looks like for Ethereum.


Hey @Pam

Feedback from Reddit user, magellanNH:
He critiqued the LCOE figure you used to make calculations with.

The Lazard report includes a levelized cost for both nuclear ($112-189) and for combined cycle natural gas ($41-74).

Also, the minimum cost was used for nuclear while the midpoint cost was used for natural gas. It seems like it would be best to settle on a methodology for determining cost and apply that methodology uniformly throughout the analysis.

it looks like an LCOE figure was used for natural gas generation (.11 cents) from the current fleet. LCOE includes capital costs. Only the operating cost (.03 cents) was included for the current nuclear fleet and capital costs weren’t added. To do this apples to apples, it’d make more sense to use only operating cost for currently built natural gas generation.